Saturday, 17 January 2015


Author: Paul Kimani

The death of Fidel Odinga and the solidarity demonstrated by the powers-that-be reminded me of Harmon Zeigler's Elite Theory. Ostensibly, the values, aspirations and preferences that are cherished by the elites shape public opinion. 
We (the masses) cannot influence public opinion because we're ill-informed and apathetic. The society is divided into two major groups. The first group is smaller but influential while the other is large but powerless.

The few who govern (Uhuru & his ilk) are atypical of the masses (you & me) who are governed. Obviously, the elites are drawn disproportionately from the upper socio-economic stratum of our society.

NOW, in Kenyan politics, politicians whip emotions of the masses to acquire political support. 'MONEY POLITICS' sets in to catalyze the 'whipping' process. Within us are a few blokes who harbour political ambitions. For this reason, they intend to join the elite class.

Notably, the movement of non-elites to elite position must be gradual and continuous to maintain STABILITY and to AVOID A REVOLUTION!
CAVEAT: Only those elites that accept the basic elite values should be admitted to the elite ranks.

From Fidel's demise (May he RIP), I learnt that changes in this country will never be REVOLUTIONALLY. 
Raila and Uhuru
Raila Odinga (left) and Uhuru Kenyatta (right)

Before Prof. PLO Lumumba got rid of his Twitter account (just before the infamous 'Saba Saba'), he claimed that Kenya can only have a PSEUDO-REVOLUTION since the revolutionaries (akina RAO) dine with the governing the ruling elite.

I rest my case!

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