Monday, 19 January 2015

Top 10 Businesses to Start in Kenya

starting a business in kenya
Kenya is a fast-growing economy. This has led an increase in disposable incomes. As a result, a bulging middle class has emerged. There are innumerable business opportunities in Kenya. Here are TEN business ideas you can venture in:-

1.      Real Estate
Kenya has a huge urban population. The demand for rental houses has been on the rise. After the promulgation of the new Constitution of Kenya in 2010, so many opportunities were created especially due to devolution of resources. Put differently, many areas were opened up. This too prompted enterprenuers to invest in these areas. Low-cost houses are a big revenue source in Kenya. However, you must be very careful when buying land to avert being conned. 

2.      Transport Industry
For medium entrepreneurs, the transport industry provides a fertile opportunity for you. Venturing in public transport is very profitable in Kenya. In addition, others have resulted to provision of courier services, which is a lucrative business too. 

3.      Entertainment Joint
Kenyans are fun-loving people. Primarily, all of us need to a place to wind up during weekends. After work, people tend to meet friends in hang-out joints too. Such entertainment joints include hotels, restaurants, bars etc. 
4.      Stocks and Government Securities
This opportunity gives you discounted options and a passive income. Essentially, many Kenyans have realized that the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) can make you rich overnight. However, it is important to gather sufficient experience and knowledge on Foreign Exchange (FX) markets. You can contact me if you need to invest in stocks and government securities. 

5.      Fast Food
Kenyans like fast things. One of my campus friends ventured in the fast food business within Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD). He tells me this business fetches him loads. With strategic location and proper modalities, you will never regret venturing in this business. 

6.      Internet and Computer Services
The Jubilee manifesto prioritizes Information Communication Technology (ICT) as part of its economic strategy. Internet caf├ęs, call centers, photocopy services etc provide a major business in Kenya. However, it is important to ensure that you have internet reliability by choosing the best Internet Service Provider (ISP).  

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7.      Daycare Center
Raising children can be a tall order for most parents not only in Kenya, but also globally. Mothers across the world are too busy to have time for their kids. With so many cases of maltreatment of kids by house helps and maids, childcare centers provide the best option for such mothers. 

8.      Education
The need for education in Kenya is on the rise. Therefore, starting an ECD center, primary school, a secondary school or a college is a good business idea in Kenya. However, it is  important to ensure you offer quality services. 

9.      Tourism and Hospitality
Notably, tourism is a major foreign earner in Kenya. With pursuance of laissez faire policies, the Jubilee government attempts to turbo-charge the economy through creation of an enabling environment. The government is committed towards promoting security in order to facilitate tourism and hospitality. 

10.  Residential and Commercial Cleaning
This is another area you can pay attention to. Ensure you carry groundwork checks to ensure you determine your target market. There are few cleaning firms in Kenya at the moment. With devolution, these cleaning firms are providing their services not only at the national level but also at the county level.  

BONUS: Recycling and Garbage Collection
Providing specialized and well-organized recycling and garbage collection is a huge opportunity in Kenya.  

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