Thursday, 1 January 2015

President Kenyatta nominates Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett as new Inspector General

Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett
Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett

On Wednesday December 31, 2014, President Uhuru Kenyatta nominated Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett as new Inspector General (IG) of Police. Until his appointment, Boinett was serving as the Principal Intelligence Officer in the National Intelligence Service (NIS). His nomination comes a barely a month after David Mwole Kimaiyo resigned as the IG of Police following a spate of insecurity in Kenya. Boinett becomes the second IG of Police since the promulgation of the new Constitution in August 27, 2010.

Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett, 52, a policeman, joined the national intelligence back in 1998 after serving the Kenya Police Service (KPS) since 1984. He holds two master’s degrees in security management and diplomacy from Australian National Security University and the University of Westminister, U.S. respectively. The National Assembly will approve his nomination before the President appoints him to the IG position. President Kenyatta also appointed David Mwole Kimaiyo as the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) Chairman.

The Jubilee Government under the stewardship of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto is keen to avert a possible rift pitting The National Alliance (TNA) and the United Republican Party (URP) who are affiliates of the Jubilee Coalition. The appointment of Mr. Boinett is seen as part of President Kenyatta’s appeasement policy to Kalenjins who ranted when the name of King’ori Mwangi came up as a possible nominee for position of IG of Police. Some leaders from Rift Valley accused the Senator for Elgeyo Marakwet of having a hand in the ‘forced’ retirement of Kimaiyo. However, critics were quick to point out that political patronage and tribal affiliation should not be a basis for appointment in public officers. Others argued that it is utopian to use meritocracy alone in making public appointments.  

However, when all is said and done, we hope that 2015 will be a secure year for all of us. Insecurity knows no creed, religion, age, gender et cetera. In the words of Prof. PLO Lumumba: “I refuse to believe that this country must run on the wheels of negative ethnicity where one’s ethnic extraction is the touchstone of ability; that is a veritable tower of Babel. But worry the least - I have a perfect recipe for national cohesion. Let us combine the energy of the Luhya with entrepreneurship of the Kikuyu, with a dose of the Wakamba and Miji Kenda humility, the Maasai’s zeal and zest and the Luo’s quest for perfection and the beautiful qualities of all Kenyan nations and what looks like the tower of Babel will become the power of Babel”.

As Kenyans, we can blend all these attributes to create a more cohesive country that we can all be proud and secure. We hope that President Kenyatta’s appointment to position of IG – Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett – fits the bill.

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