Saturday, 7 June 2014

Volunteer Tourism

Today, volunteer tourism is becoming an emerging sector in tourism. People are now going for volunteer vacations with the intention of volunteering for charitable causes. Recently, the growth of bite-sized volunteer travel has been rapid. Volunteer vacations may take the form of low-skill or high-skill work. Cleaning domestic wildlife areas is low-skill while medical aid is high-skill. Volunteer travel participants have the desire to achieve a common good but are naturally diverse. They experience new-fangled challenges and places in localities they may have never visited. They aim at making a difference to local communities both economically and environmentally. 

Volunteer tourism helps engage people on education and scientific research to understand why it is necessary to take bold actions towards sustainable environment. Normally, the participants contribute the fee. This includes the expenses incurred on dissimilar sites across the world. Moreover, engagement in projects of their own interests and preferred location is considered integral. Speciessaver, is thus obliged to recruit only those tourists who subscribe to their cause. Such volunteer projects go beyond mere vacations. Volunteer vacations appeals to many segments of travelers. However, majority of them are college and high school students. They travel to make positive change across the world as well as get tourist experience. Primarily, creating international awareness is the chief driving force for volunteer vacations. It helps in the contextualization of and its impacts. Further, it is provides educational opportunities for people coupled with morally rewarding experiences.  

Additionally, volunteer vacations involve tourism where individual volunteers are organized to assume holidays with the intention of alleviating material poverty of certain societal groups. Moreover, it aims at restoration of particular research or environments into the aspects of a community or environment. Volunteer tourism is influencing mostly by an ever-escalating guilt-conscious society. The volunteer tourism ideology is anchored on a transition from anthropocentric view towards eco-centric view. Volunteer tourism bolsters cross-cultural comprehension. Volunteer tourists gain a sophisticated comprehension of local cultures as well as other issues bedeviling a host community. Moreover, some volunteer groups have a membership base from across the world. These kinds of friendships reduce social, cultural, and racial boundaries. Volunteer tourism ensures that the host communities benefit both economically and environmentally.

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