Monday, 16 June 2014

The Egregious Mpeketoni Attack

There comes a time when a government must rise beyond partisan interests and conspiracy theories to protect the citizenry regardless of their ethnic, creed, and religious affiliations. What happened in Mpeketoni can replicate elsewhere (God forbid)! Blame games are for conspiracy theory enthusiasts.The death toll has since risen to 50.

The Jubilee Government must employ the Benthamic Principle if any egalitarian gain is to be yielded from efforts by our security agencies. Moreover, this is the time CS Interior and IG must get rid of the Dirty Hands Dilemma.Otherwise, terrorists will continue to unleash terror. Mpeketoni and other attacks will only continue to worsen the heighten people's disaffection with the government.

Meanwhile, such happenings will continue to elicit mixed reactions and investors will get jittery. These occurrences will only fan the rising political temperatures towards Sabasaba. When all is said and done, people must remember that politicians are just fellows who will lay down your life for his country as enunciated by Texas Guinam. Terror, be it by terrorists or 'calculated' must be dealt with decisively. People's lives are sacred for Christ sake!

Now, come July 7, CORD leaders will do exactly the same. They will lay down 'your life' for Kenya. Their children and spouses will not attend the rallies and their mega businesses will be running as usual as 'you' risk 'your' life on the streets. Alshabaab may even get an opportunity to unleash terror.

As CORD continue to demand for the National Dialogue and the Jubilee Government evaluates the need to heed to the call, things are not getting any better especially on social media. Opinion shapers are losing the game plan!