Saturday, 31 May 2014

Devolution in Kenya

On the 4th August, 2010, Kenyans voted overwhelmingly for a new constitution. This constitution was promulgated on 28th August, 2010.

Among other things, this constitution devolves political, administrative, and fiscal functions persuant to Article 6(2).

In this new governance structure, both the national and county governments are distinct but independent and are expected to conduct their mutual relations on the basis of consultation and cooperation.

Cap 13 Article 232(1) of the same constitution gives power of self-governance to the people and requires citizen participation in the exercise of the powers of the state and in making decisions affecting them therefrom.

On 28th January, 2014, the Embu County Assembly passed a motion to impeach H.E. Governor Nyaga Wambora.

In December 2013, medical practitioners opposed devolution of health services in contrary to provisions of Article 186(1) yet, health is not a concurrent nor a residual function. It is an exclusive function of the national government just like national security.

I am also informed that the government is seeking to abolish Marsabit county while some MPs want to reduce the number of counties from 47 to 14. Earlier on, MPs sought to abolish the Senate.

County governments are in a taxation craze. In Kiambu, departed morgues are taxed, chicken taxed in Kakamega etc. This is melodramatic, comical and obnoxious.

Nicollo Machiavelli in the Prince succintly advises leaders against being rapacious. The national goverment should seal tax evasion loopholes, slay graft and avert opulent government expenditure. Increased public expenditure is a reversal to Keynesianism in the wake of liberalism.

I also think the reintroduction of capital gains tax is good but untimely. Uhurunomics has become quailnomics and is no longer sustainable lest dictatorial totaliterian Cuba-like tendencies come into play.
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